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This is not your normal dermatology practice….

Bexley Dermatology is special.  It is a place you will look forward to coming to and you will know you are getting the absolute best, cutting edge care there is. At Bexley Dermatology we focus on a wide variety of medical and cosmetic dermatologic services including Facial Fillers, Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Removal, and Body Contouring.

What makes us so special? 

  1. Drs. Zirwas and Fichtel are nationally recognized experts – literally the best there are at what they do.
  2. Sherri, our Physician Assistant, went through the most rigorous dermatology training available in the country.
  3. We limit the number of patients we see so that every patient gets the time they need.
  4. Our staff is hand-picked because they not only are great at their jobs but love doing them – something that our patients notice.
  5. We designed every detail in our office to make it feel like our home – warm, relaxed, inviting, and comfortable – not like a doctor’s office.
  6. We are the only dermatology practice in Central Ohio that is also a clinical trial center – this allows us to offer treatments that aren’t available anywhere else.
  7. And don’t forget about cosmetics! Dr. Fichtel is the best cosmetic dermatologist in the Central Ohio area. She specializes in turning back the hands of time in a very natural way.

So, welcome to your new dermatology home.  Call us to make an appointment or explore the page to learn more about what we do and who we are.

Dermatologist Reviews

Dermatologist Reviews

Drs. Fichtel & Zirwas


Meet the Doctors

Drs. Fichtel & Zirwas

Drs. Fichtel & Zirwas, a husband and wife team as well as Bexley residents, have been practicing dermatology over the last 15 years. Before opening their own practice in Bexley in 2016, both worked for The Ohio State University and contributed to the furthering of Dermatology education at OSU. Dr. Matthew Zirwas, is a nationally recognized expert in eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. Dr. Jill Fichtel, is renowned throughout the entire country for her work in cosmetic dermatology and her ability to turn back the hands of time in a completely natural way. Together, they are a Dermatologic powerhouse and provide exceptional care in addition to covering a wide range of specialties to solve and improve your skin issues and desires.

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